4 Steps to Build up Your Email List

One of the greatest assets of an e-commerce business is its email subscriber list. On that list is likely a jumble of yesterday and today’s brand advocates, customers, and prospects. An email marketing plan is only as big as the quality of the list that is why it is very vital that you should keep track on your email list and build it up over time. 

Study the Soft and Hard Bounces

When a campaign is published, some of the emails are not sent, due to soft and hard bounces. Soft bounces are normally temporary, such as a server not responding, or the inbox is full. Hard bounces are typically produced from an incorrect email address. A delivery system or email service provider will likely try soft bounces several times before recognizing them as hard bounce, to automatically delete the email address from your listing.

But still, gather your hard and soft bounces every six months or so and work to re-verify them, to check if any are active.  A small portion of them can be converted to valuable subscribers. 

Re-check your Lapsed Subscribers

Just like reviewing your bounces, keep a record of your lapsed email subscribers, those that have been idle for a long time. Though you may not be sending an email to this group regularly, it is worth throwing them a strong campaign at rare interludes, to try to re-engage. If they click or open an email or oppositely buy from you, draw them back for continuous deployments.

Gain New Email Subscribers

Email lists usually stir at about 20% per year. That is, approximately 20% of subscribers will unsubscribe from your list every year. Without joining email addresses, your list will instantly decline. Making it simple for new site visitants to subscribe to your emails is critical.

Here are some simple tips to gain new subscribers:

  • Use popups or call-to-actions
    They work! However, do not over-use them and make sure they are perfectly timed so that they are not overly irritating.
  • Add an email signup box on each page of your website.
    Give something of worth to your new subscribers like a discount, free eBook, or gift cards.

Be creative with your new sign-ups

Acknowledge other ways for new email subscribers. If your website takes traffic from social media sites, for instance, those visitors are likely not email subscribers. Create a subscription form on your social media site, or link to a form. Giving incentives based on where traffic originates from may help boost your email signups. Some ways are here:

  • Conduct contests
    Contests are a useful way to gain many new subscribers instantly.
  • Request reviewers and commenters

If one is already giving feedback, he will possibly make a great email subscriber. Build a subscription option into the form for any reviews or comments.

  • Work on co-registration with corresponding websites

Just like the package insert programs for personal mail, if your products associate but don’t compete with a different site, reconsider offering registration to both of the email programs, on both websites.

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