Facebook Marketplace: Something to Look Forward

If you check out your Facebook today, the chances are that you will come across with someone trying to sell just about anything. It may be a friend of yours who is trying to make some money from old gadgets like phones or laptops or thousands of active parenting Facebook group seeming to trade their personal items for their little ones.

Indeed Facebook has gradually introduced some features to make it a lot easier for people to post them to sell items, but last month the company just launched Marketplace which is a new means for Facebook users to “search, purchase and sell their items” with other people in their area.

In the future days, Facebook users in the UK and U.S., New Zealand and Australia who are over the age of 18-years-old will notice the latest shop icon in the bottom part menu of the Facebook application. This will place a selection of photos of any items that people in your overall location are looking forward to selling. It also adds a search function, if you are looking for anything, specific and results can be filtered too by location, price or category. If anything catches your eye; Facebook will list the details and name of that item, a profile photo of the person marketing it and a loose overview of their location.

While Facebook now lets Messenger users transfer payments, the company categorically says that it is not acting the role of a retailer or the auction site. You and the retailer can work out the details in any way that you prefer. Facebook does not facilitate the delivery or payment of any items in the Marketplace. That also implies it will not charge their users for listings, giving it a definite advantage over eBay and other app-based market apps.

By Facebook now totalling over 1.5 billion users, sites like Craigslist and EBay will be following Marketplace with passionate interest. Sure, it is currently only open in four countries, but with small to no oversight over payments and sales, the company is available to take it to new markets at discretion. Facebook will continue developing Marketplace to other countries via its Android apps and IOS and will make the service accessible on the desktop in the upcoming months.

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