Important Factors to Consider in Product Packaging

Product packaging business is a big thing. The packaging alone is a product and does many things: it introduces your products, displays it, protects it, and preserves it. Packaging is categorized into three: the Primary is a kind of packaging that the consumer takes home, the Secondary packaging is where anything is used to pack items in a group such as boxes, trays, film wrap, etc. and the Tertiary packaging is done for transporting and warehousing. But before anything else, here are a few essential factors that should be considered when designing a product package:



One most important factor in planning your package is the packaging material. The most common material used in packaging is paper/board, followed by plastics, metal, glass, and others. The right material would depend on your product and on the process to be followed. All you need to remember is that it must be flexible, it can be stacked and transported, and it must be capable of being processed.



Businesses today focus much on sustainability. According to studies, 60% of packaging used is recovered and recycled. However, a balance between environment and commercial demand must also be observed. To reduce packaging because you are considering so much on environmental goals would neglect product security. On the contrary, investing more in packaging rather than product security neglects sustainability goals. Another thing you should consider is the cost. There are various ways on how to drive down packaging cost, but remember that this might greatly affect your brand image. For example, plastic bottles are cheaper, but glass can be a smarter option if you want your package to reflect a high-quality product.



It is important to know and have a plan on how your product would be safely stored and distributed. This is where the supply chain would come in. First, consider the environment where your product will be sold. It should be able to withstand moisture and vibration, dust, and extreme temperature. A good packaging helps the supply chain more efficiently. Poor inventory management would lead to a number of lost products, making you lose a cost. Here, what you should consider are resiliency, compliance, labeling and coding, shelf life, transportation requirements and customer needs.

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