Rules for Packing Design that will Surely Make Products Standout

As per definition, product packaging being a graphic design discipline is basically an industry itself. Because packaging is more focused on creating strong brands through an ultimate design and branding, this plays a very important role in marketing. This is also a category where designers begin to build their portfolio, but requires more than a good eye. So now, let us enumerate the rules in having a good package design.



As we encounter a new and unfamiliar product when in a supermarket, we often look at its packaging and ask what is it for, and what’s the brand behind it. A good package design is one that is clear and simple, having the answers of the two most important questions stated above. These should be found out within the first four seconds a customer holds the product.



Starters in package design often find it very hard to produce one in the most perfect way imaginable. The best thing to do is actually be honest with what the product is all about. For example, a pack shows a cookie fully drenched in a chocolate, when in fact, the product is just all about a simple chocolate flavored biscuit. Consumers would actually not care about how simple and inexpensive these products are, as long as they know what they are buying from package up to the real deal behind it.



The heart of great brands starts with originality and memorability. There are hundreds of brands in the market all competing for attention, but the only way to truly catch the eyes of the consumers is to be different, be authentic.



This is something that talks about diversity and appeal of the product when it is placed on the shelf together with the few other products, perhaps its competitors. This makes a huge difference in the product sales.

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