The Tasks and Responsibilities of a Virtual Assistant

The Tasks and Responsibilities of a Virtual Assistant

Being one of the most in-demand jobs we know today, a virtual assistant has been thought to be a profession of different kinds. More than like a secretary, by the most basic definition, a Virtual Assistant is an independent worker by contract who gives technical, administrative, or creative services from home by handling the tasks of a secretary or a manager through the use of the internet connection, phone and some software and tools.


Generally, here are the common tasks that an office secretary can do in a virtual office:


1.       Manage and organize list of contacts and customer spreadsheets

2.       Maintain and update a calendar of appointments and set up meetings

3.       Manage accounting and billing

4.       Create travel arrangements

5.       Attending to client inquiries by answering the phone or through an e-mail

6.       Create, prepare, and send out e-mail newsletters

7.       Arrange, assemble, and ship proposals as well as meeting materials


Some higher-paid Virtual Assistants work for the following:


1.       Medical transcription

2.       Web development and web maintenance

3.       Market Research

4.       Specialized internet research

5.       Translation of bilingual written materials


The list above shows only a few of the many jobs a virtual assistant should do. And sometimes, one can go out of the job description and make extra and side jobs the employer assigns him or her to do. This can be like a personal secretary from afar, but just with the same convenience and efficiency and sufficiency of rendered service.


Being a virtual assistant can’t just be anyone. It requires skill, contacts, and personal organization for one to be able to set his or her work schedule attending both convenience and client’s needs. To sum up, an independent quality-work needs to be produced.


The salary of being a virtual assistant depends on the task you are to have. Typically, it ranges from a minimum of $20 per hour to a maximum of $40. And depending on the type of employee you have, payment varies on a weekly or monthly basis payment. Generally, the virtual assistant sets the fee considering the period-specific project runs and the cost of the rush jobs.

The 5 Significant Skills of a Virtual Assistant

The 5 Significant Skills of a Virtual Assistant

Today’s businesses are getting tougher to manage as fast-paced lifestyle and advancements in technology have shaped the way businesses are run. It formed a new raise of professionals to take on the challenge of this online world. The key to the success of online businesses are the Virtual Assistants as they provide instant and efficient support to online businesses. To become a progressive Virtual Assistant, one must possess the following skills:

1. Organizational Skills.

A virtual assistant must be well-ordered and organized in handling client’s documents and information. He or she must be able to input information in efficient and systematized manner for quick and easy access to client’s information. In this line of work, time matters and you will not wish to waste your customer’s time, which can compromise your connection.

2. Word Processing Skills.

Online businesses mostly depend on content quality to succeed in the field. As a virtual assistant, you should be able to process data accurately and efficiently. Part of the job may require you to do typing task and data entry, and it is necessary to finish them quickly without any mistakes.

3. Computer Skills.

These days, everything is done on a computer. It is one great machine required to get work finished in the office. The thing is we are dealing with online businesses. It is a significant advantage to a virtual assistant to have skills on computer works.

4. Communication Skills.

Every single business communicates in words, either written or verbal. It booms when these forms of communication are joined in a beneficial manner. A good virtual assistant needs to be able to communicate effectively with client and other personnel. It is significant that every instruction is understood rightly to avoid making inaccuracies.

5. Internet understanding.

The internet is the most efficient and fastest form of communication to be able to connect with clients. So, it is a must that every virtual assistant should have expert knowledge regarding the internet. The Internet is also an excellent resource for valuable information, and a means to gather and collect updates related to the business.

To become an effective and efficient virtual assistant, one must strive to possess and retain most, if not all, of the five most significant skills above. Although having all of the other skills, it does not guarantee achievement without commitment and hard work. One must have a strong willingness to succeed, partnered with good moral values that are equally important for each employee to possess, like dedication and integrity. To succeed in this business, strive hard to have these necessary skills. Learn them as you work and improve over time.

Tasks Where VA’s Can Be Very Effective

Tasks Where VA’s Can Be Very Effective

The best part about having a Virtual Assistant is the effective delegation of tasks. While you the entrepreneur get busy on important matters, you don’t have the time on non-essential tasks anymore. The best thing to do is to let your VA do these tasks while you focus on things that matter the most.

Here is a list of non-essential tasks where your VA’s can be very effective.

Email Handling

Let your VA handle your email. You can ask them to filter it out to the important, reply to some emails, conduct email marketing or set appointments for you.

Phone calls

Personal calls should stay personal of course but for business calls and alike, your VA can definitely do the task for you so you don’t have to answer calls every single time losing your focus on important matters.

Calendar management

Entrepreneurs are busy just as that. Sometimes you tend to forget important events, meetings or webinars since you did not pay attention to your schedule. Let your VA arrange your schedule and remind you on errands that are important for you and your business.

Social Media Handling

You already have a lot of important matters to attend to and with many social media accounts to update, you just can’t afford to put all of your time updating them. Your VA can do that for you!

Customer Relations Management

Customers are the backbone of one’s business and it is important that you keep in touch with them. Know their behavior, wants, needs and suggestions or comments. However, time is the issue. This is the best time you ask for a VA’s help.

You surely can do these simple things on your own but time just can’t allow you. Besides as an entrepreneur, it is better if you save your time on the things that really matters or the ones that really needs your attention and presence. A virtual assistant is what you certainly need. Fortunately, it’s not very hard to look for virtual assistants these days since there are businesses offering Virtual Assistance Services just like SSMO (Simplified Social Media Optimization).

“Let your VA do the rest while you do what is the best.”

4 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

4 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

There are far more important things a business owner should take on other than dealing with some paper works or documentations the whole day. Do you know that there are services that cater these simple yet crucial part of business processes? Well, Virtual Assistants are now in demand. Why and what are the benefits of hiring one?

Virtual assistants can let you save money. How? Virtual assistants are paid according to hour’s works. Business owners are not required to pay them for sick leaves, vacation leaves, and any government required taxes. Business owners also do not have to provide them office supplies like computers and internet connection for they already have it. An excellent way to saving a bunch of money, right?

Virtual assistants can fill in temporary positions in the company. In business, you can’t take away the fact that at some point some special tasks or projects needs expert assistance. Instead of hiring another full-time staff while only requiring him or her to take on a project that can be done in a less period why not hire a Virtual Assistant instead. As again they are paid for their hours worked only and by that they can take on the special yet short timed projects you need while efficiently providing an output.

Virtual Assistants provide quality output. Virtual assistants reputation and business success depend accordingly on how they amaze their clients. They will surely give the best that they can. They continually educate themselves in what’s new and trending and on what are the latest techniques and studies related to their field of expertise. Sometimes virtual assistants can surpass the performance of regular employees.

Virtual Assistant provides their working equipment. Virtual assistants mostly work at home or any location away from your office. That is why there is a need for them to equip themselves with computers and other office requirements. This way a business needs not to supply the virtual assistant any related office equipment to ensure virtual assistant can perform their task well.

It is a strong decision to hire a virtual assistant nowadays. It is a way to save money while gaining the best and satisfactory job outputs without taking a business owners time. By choosing a virtual assistant, a business owner can now focus on the tasks pertaining to gaining more clients and increasing the company profits.

The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Your business is developing, and you are busier now like never before. You could utilize an additional set of hands, so somebody recommended that you ought to acquire a virtual assistant. Nonetheless, you have no clue what a virtual assistant is or so far as that is concerned, how they can help you. If this is the problem then having a Virtual Assistant is the best opportunity you can delve in this year. Be part of other businesses around the world who are supported by this developing market pattern.

A virtual assistant exceptionally offers bolster business benefits for all intents and purposes. Comprise of an individual or a group of virtual assistants who are off-site and working remotely. They are self-employed individuals and business people who represent considerable authority in giving a variety of administrative tasks, for example, managerial, imaginative, specialized, and legitimate backing.

So in case you’re still on the edge and not certain if a virtual assistant is ideal for you, how about we take a look the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant.

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant:

1. Valuable Skill Set – Virtual assistants are exceptionally talented self-employed individuals, including clerical specialists, site directors, and senior level administrators, every one of whom has had a full scope of experience. Most virtual assistants work in a particular corner, which means they’ll comprehend your industry superior to anything somebody who doesn’t concentrate on a specific specialty.

2. Saving on Hiring a Full-Time Employee – A key advantage to utilizing a virtual assistant for your business is the saving perspective. By going with a virtual assistant, you will save money on the cost of enlisting a full-time representative. This includes the measure of time and cash spent on meeting and preparing another worker. Likewise, it saves you from the expense of medical benefits, and taxes. As self-employed individuals are in charge of their accounting and duties. You won’t need to stress over bringing about such expenses.

3. Save on Office Space – Since the temporary worker is virtual, they work off-site. This permits you to save money on costs, for example, requesting another work area and acquiring a PC. They utilize their assets. So you save money on the space that another representative would acquire. This is a win especially on the off chance that you happen to work remotely or freely yourself. You can work remotely and in the meantime have the extra help you require.

4. Only Pay for Time Spent on Projects – This is an incredible advantage for your business spending plan. When you use a virtual assistant, you pay for time spent on activities. So you can pay for the activities that have a high need for your business. For instance, Creative Business Assistants offers marked down month to month bundles, which give reserve funds to their customers. Their clients know what they will be charged for in a month to month premise or what they can allocate for taking into account a venture.

Indeed, virtual assistants can be an incredible asset for all periods of your business. So, hire a virtual assistant now!

Why You Should Hire A Virtual Assistant Now!

Why You Should Hire A Virtual Assistant Now!

An assessment of your business is necessary for you to be better know how is it all going in your business. Assessment is your door to understanding your business more on how to deal with present situations and to prepare for futures ventures.

Business owners today has the mentality of win-at-all-cost. Everything revolves around the business and  they start to get drowned in the business world trying very hard to double the time and accomplish more and more. Being in this situation, they tend to forget that there are more things to focus on. To work smart is the key and the best solution to work smarter is to hire a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is the best solution for you and your business. For the many benefits that you can get from hiring a virtual assistant, it can definitely change your personal and business life.

What makes a virtual assistant life changer?

1. Save Time

It is great to be the owner of your business. People think that you have all the time but the truth is, you seem to lack the time and are always in a trot to accomplish everything. You can surely accomplish everything on your own but the problem is you tend to forget what matters most for your business. You forget the things that should come first both of your business and personal life. A Virtual Assistant is definitely the one that can help you save more time and have more time. Virtual Assistant will help you do the things that won’t need much attention so you can focus on what matters most.

2. Accomplish Even More

We just can’t do everything! We all have limitations and as a business owner, if you will just rely on yourself and on few people to accomplish a lot of tasks it might take you days, weeks or months. Procrastination there is and will definitely be a hindrance to your business growth and success. You should be delegating the work so that task will be done promptly and efficiently. You can have your virtual assistant do the tasks that are non-essential or those tasks that should be done by someone with expertise. This way, you will be able to do more and achieve more.

3. Lessen the Stress Level

Handling a business may it be small or big time is unquestionably stressful since you have to deal with pressure while you keep your business running. As much as possible we should be avoiding stress since I can lead to serious health risks and concerns. This is what business owners get when they think more about the business and they forget about themselves. With a virtual assistant, you will have more time to regain yourself and not to worry about things that cause you to stress. Your VA will help you to handle your business while you take care of yourself.

4. Never Close your Doors on Opportunities

Opportunities may come knocking on your door anytime and you don’t want to miss any of them. Especially in today’s virtual world, everything is online and e-mail is one of the most effective ways of communicating people wherever in the world they may be. As much as possible you have to keep an eye on your email 24/7 to make sure not to miss anything. But of course, you need to sleep. A virtual assistant will come to the rescue. Your VA can keep track on your email, sort out emails that are important and are viable for future dealing, transactions and business growth while you have your normal rest or sleep routine.

No wonder the number of business who are seeking professional help from Virtual Assistants is growing every day. With all of these advantages and benefits from hiring a Virtual Assistant, you are most likely to do more and achieve more on your business and personal life.

How To Get Started With Your Virtual Assistant

How To Get Started With Your Virtual Assistant

Hiring a Virtual Assistant has liabilities as well but what is certain is that the assets weigh more than its liabilities. It offers more advantages and positive effects on your business and on a personal level. While most of the VA’s are just effective in all aspects, they need your guidance as the boss. You should be able to guide them to keep them on the right track.

Here are tips on how to make your VA’s effective on their tasks.

1. Interview Really Matters

Before you get to hire a Virtual Assistant, an interview will help you get the VA that you need. Everything is set up during the interview. It is where you have the chance to scrutinize the candidate on different levels and aspects. It is during this stage when you will be able to communicate about the things that you like, you hate, you need and want from a VA. By the interview alone, you should be able to specify the skills that your tasks would require. By that, you will know if the candidate is fit for the job or not.

2. Setting Organization and Direction

So, you have already hired the perfect Virtual Assistant but the question is, how do you get started? Organization and giving clear and specific instructions are the keys. On your first day of having a VA and your VA’s first day of work, you guys should be clear on what are the tasks should be done, the schedule, the deadlines, the requirements and etc. These things should be discussed on the first day to build an organized delegation of tasks. This will help you and your VA work together harmoniously for more productivity on both ends.

3. Open communication

Communication matters the most especially that Virtual Assistant are working remotely. From time to time, you should give updates on instructions, check on them and give comments on the tasks. Likewise, you should encourage your VA to be open and comfortable in starting a conversation or on communicating about anything on the job. Tell them to ask questions every time they are uncertain about something. This will help avoid miscommunication and confusions that may lead to mishandling on tasks. Plus, this will help build rapport and relationship.

4. Invest On Knowledge

While VAs are versatile and are known for handling multi-task, they just don’t know everything which means there will be certain time along the way where you need to instruct them and invest time in teaching them personally about a new task. But time lost; is time gained. By teaching them new skills, you are growing your business, you are allowing your VA to acquire new skills while saving you time and money. Time because you don’t have to teach them over and over again if you teach them properly and precisely the first time and money since you don’t need to hire another VA for another task. At the end of the day, your VA’s productivity all depends on how you handle and manage them.

At the end of the day, your VA’s productivity all depends on how you handle and manage them.

Perks of Having A Virtual Assistant

Perks of Having A Virtual Assistant

Entrepreneurs are the people who have less time for themselves, for their family and for doing the things they love to do. Especially in today’s business world, any business owners would prefer to do all the task personally than hiring office staff. One big factor to that is the expense. But now in the 21st century of technology, where all individuals and businesses are very dependent to the internet or online transactions, we now can find everything we need online even online manpower for our small or big business. If you are one of that business owner who wants to have better results in your business but in the most economical way, then hiring a Virtual Assistant might be your solution.


Below is a list of advantages in having a virtual assistant:

  •  You’ll have time for yourself!

Instead, of you doing all the business transactions and all the works for your business, let your Virtual Assistant be you. They will do all the works for your business while you get the time of your life. It’s doing your business priorities but through a different person. You can be sure that even if you are not hands on with your business, the result that you want will still be achieved.

  •  Save more money!

With your virtual assistant, you don’t have to pay as much as you should when  you hire a full-time office staff. You will save on daily rates, lunch, leaves or insurance. You will definitely save money since you will only have to pay a virtual assistant on an hourly or daily rate that is fixed. 

  •  An All-in-One Staff!

A virtual assistant is not just a one job staff. A lot of virtual assistant out there who are so versatile, talented  and knowledgeable that can do not just one, two, three but, a lot more tasks. So, instead of paying three people for three different tasks, now you can hire one person for all of them. Thus, you will have an increase in productivity with just having one virtual assistant that can surely deliver good results.

So, whether you are away for an important business trip and you have to send emails, or do transactions; No worries! for your Virtual Assistant will certainly complete your tasks, and helps you to maintain on how you run your business efficiently.

The world of Virtual Assistance is growing immensely. A lot of successful business today whose front runners are their virtual assistants. It only proves that the advantages of hiring a Virtual Assistant are countless.