3 Main Reasons Why Your Content Is Not Shared

Content marketers primary aim is to provide informative articles and be able to generate more shares. You probably know the reason behind this. Shares would mean probable returns of investments, turning an audience into paying clients and driving traffic.

If your efforts are not giving you your expected results, might be you are doing your marketing the wrong way. Though there is no guaranteed procedure or solutions on how to get success, you have to know what could have been the problem. So here are the top 3 main underlying issues on content marketing failures.

Wrong Audience 

You have to get into the loop of the right audience for your niche. Know who’s going to be more interested in your contents, the demographics and if there are competitors who already targeted the niche. It is useless or impossible to get shares if you aren’t on the right loop.

Next thing you have to do if you already are in the right phase in regards to audience targeting, you have to provide them the right topics. However, there are still specific requirements n presenting your contents to them. First, it has to be original. Second, they must be powerfully appealing. Show your contents to them in a fresh, intriguing manner so that you will get a positive response from them.

Moreover, you have to your originally fascinating articles in the right voice to the rightful audience. Use a language that suits your audience tastes and understanding. Here, you should be able to claim that you know the topic very well and cater what your audience expects from you.

Lastly, you have to distribute your contents to the right channels. Maximizing your audience is not merely cut in identifying your audience but is completed through the identification of the proper channels to submit those as well. Research channels where your audience will likely to use.

Wrong Content Structure

Another problem that you must take note of is the structure of your contents. It might not be simply good enough to be a share-worthy article.

You must provide value. Put in mind that you should present it in original and appealing manner. It is when you are able to say that after reading your audience should know something out of it.

Article formats should also be significantly considered. There are instances where you have to present your topic in a short content format, and that is fast to read and easy to pick up.

Wrong Logic Presentations

You might not be getting shares because your share buttons are not recognizable or easily seen. Make these share buttons prominent and show counts of shares. This will tell your audience that there are many other people interested and has been informed by your article. You must continually inform them and engage with them to make the connections alive and working.

Assess your marketing efforts and address these problems altogether. In time you will notice an increase in your content shares.

Honestly, it won’t take you just a night to do this. But continues and careful measurements of your article performance can give you the expected changes. Be consistent in your implementation to make your social audience grow.

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