5 Ways To Define Your Target Audience


What a big question!

Defining your target audience is the start or creating a concrete strategy of SEO in order to reach more and gain more.

For someone who is new in the online playground, that question seemed like a Million dollar question. But really it’s simple.

Here are 5 simple ways to define your target audience.

Get To Know Your Current Audience
Look at your current customers. What do they have in common? What are their differences? Consider as many factors as you want to really get to know who are those people who are currently buying your products. Then, list them and take note.

Check Out Your Competitors
You surely know who are your competitors out there. Yes, you do! Spark that little detective in you and investigate. Check out who are they targeting. HOW? Look at their social media followers and the people who comment on their blogs or those who leave reviews. You’ll surely get a heap of information there that will give you an idea of their audience.

Determine the Advantages of Your Product
What makes your product better? List your answers and then, examine what type of people might buy it or need it.

Get Feedbacks
Getting feedback from reviews, surveys or comments from your blogs or social media posts are a great way for you to get an idea what your current audience wants and needs.

Get It All Together
Now, that you have an idea of what your target audience are, it’s time to create a persona for these audiences. So, every time you create content for your brand you can adhere to this persona/s to make sure that you really speak to your audience.