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In just a few short years, social media has become a large part of our everyday lives. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have quickly grown to hundreds of millions of users. These users are divided into two: businesses and consumers.

More than ever, businesses big and small are now using the internet to take advantage of these marketing platforms.

Simplified Social Media Optimization can help you promote your brand, have an online presence, optimize your website, and sell your product through these social media tools.

Social media is simple. Self-professed social media experts portray it to be difficult to raise the demand for their services but if you are industrious, systematic and do it the right way, you will find that it is a simple but a powerful tool to help boost your sales.

  • First, you need a website. We can do it for you if you don’t have one. We can set up your business pages and profile. We will work with you write your information, descriptions and select captivating images for your pages. We can make the process easy to understand and manage.

  • In social media, content is crucial. It keeps your page going. It gives focus to the highlights of your business that will lead to sales generation.

    One of the biggest complaints businesses have about social media is the amount of time it takes. Outsourcing this can make the task less tedious and a simple one.

  • The fundamental reason for using social media is to get followers to buy your product, service or idea. To that end, followers must find it easy to navigate back to your point of sale: your sales page, your email address, reservation number, online store, and more.

    In addition, social media is more effective when all of your profile pages including your website are working together and it is clear that they all belong together.

    Simplified Social Media will manage how to integrate your profiles and get them all working to increase sales.

Who We Are

We share best practices, practical advice and solutions to the challenges that comes within the social media circle.

We believe that companies who learn to engage their customers through social media are more successful.

Our team work together and pour their talent and creativity to make a perfect social media campaign for you.

Our vision is to create a healthy environment and interaction between businesses and their market or customers.