How to Create a Killer Headline That Converts

A headline is an essential component of every writing. Whether for online or paper, headline helps your writing to become successful.
In the web, your landing page’s headline is the initial part your audience will read the moment they open your page, so it’s imperative that you get it right.
What makes a great headline?
Great headlines should tell your offer and clearly demonstrate the value that you offer. Think of your headline as yourself meeting a new colleague for the first time.
What Should you do?
Introduce yourself – brief and concise. The headline should:
  • Explain your offer
  • Explain what you do
  • Explain why they should say yes (the value that they get)

In order to ensure that your headline is ideal without being too complicated, keep it short.

How to do it?
Compose your first headline, then take time to edit it as many times possible until you are satisfied with the outcome. Make sure to remove extra words until you have come up with the shortest and most concise headline.
The headline describes and explains the product. It is an effective marketing strategy which emphasizes a simple yet effective method.
Strive to reach effectively and offer your service, the purpose and the value they will get.
How short is a simple and concise headline?
A short, simple and concise headline can be read in three seconds or less. If you have more to say,  use a subheading for supplemental details. Don’t stuff everything up in the headline.
Considering that your headline is essential in achieving higher conversion rate, you must get it right. Practice, apply and test your headline to know which one works before you do the rest of your landing page. This will give you a clearer foundation as to how you want to do your whole landing page – one that works and WORKS WELL!

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