How to Make Shareable Contents on Social Media

Have you ever asked yourself why your contents are not getting enough shares unlike those you see on your newsfeed?

Why others go viral while yours are lucky enough getting 5-10 shares alone?

Lastly, how do these people create shareable contents?

Well, you might think it’s hard but really creating shareable contents is easy if you just make effort in organizing your ideas and put on some extra creativity.

Create infographics
Infographics are very shareable content. It is even 3 times more shareable than any other social media contents.

-Make your Infographic with loads of useful information
-Be creative.
-Make it visually entertaining and appealing.

With a perfect balance of creativity and usefulness, your infographic will surely be shared around.

Create valuable contents
People love to share the posts that they find useful and valuable. Something where they can get ideas from or inspiration. Something they can learn from. Create articles or blogs that would answer someone else’s needs or problems. Appeal to the wants and needs of your customers.

If your audience finds your content to be of use for them, for their friends or family, they would share them around.

Jump into what’s in
It is important that you create contents that are always relevant to trends because that’s what social media is about. It’s all about staying updated to what’s in and knowing what’s not. If you create contents that are related to trends, you’ll definitely have people talking about your contents and better – sharing them.

Appeal to visual
People give more attention to what is pleasing to our senses. Thus, it is important that in social media you create contents that are pleasing to the eyes and the ears.

Create graphics that will catch the attention of the people. Make sure to use original or free images, beautiful color palettes, eye-catching fonts etc. Likewise in your videos, make sure you create thumbnails that are pretty and or very eye-catching. Make your video short, people don’t want to spend so much time watching a video unless it is really epic.

Have fun
Social media are created for fun and socialization. Others get so caught up in how to use social media for their business that they forgot to have fun and to stay natural and spontaneous. It is important that you humanize your social media and don’t use it as if a robot is behind it.

Make sure to sparkle a little personal touch of magic and that your social media presence should help you build your brand. Let your audience know that there are real people behind the brand they are following. Make them feel you care. If you do, more people will appreciate you and your efforts in the social media world.

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