Most Common Advertising Techniques

An advertisement is considered to be successful if it has caught the attention of its target viewers. A good advertisement creates a desire in viewers and gives all the information needed in order to fulfill that desire. And with a lot of businesses established on the internet (which also meant a huge number of advertisements), being successful in it requires the appropriate techniques and strategies.


A simple but effective technique used to create identity awareness is repetition. Most successful advertisers have claimed that mentioning the name repeatedly will help the audience remember the brand name or the product. Sometimes, even though the audience does not clearly understand the function of the product yet, they would remember its name.


Another way of getting the potential customers to do action is to describe the product and make certain claims about it. This can be “locally grown” or “now on its low price” and the likes could help a lot. There can be customers who look for the same product you are selling, and are waiting for a claim to be convinced to purchase one.


A product associated with a famous personality or a catchy jingle could also help it to be recognized and remembered by the viewers. Ads associated with something or someone related to a product would encourage emotional response in customers, which then is connected to the product being promoted, making it look attractive.


Raffles, Coupons, games with prizes, and gifts are the favorite of all customers. This would definitely create excitement and encourage the customers to build a relationship with the sponsoring product (which would most probably be your product). Give them the attraction by including something free or some sort of rewards to make your product promotion effective and successful. To give them the urgency to avail, add limited time offers and deadlines to the promos.