Points to Remember Before Launching a Shopify Store

PAYMENT GATEWAY: The first for one good reason, no payment gateway just means no sales period. Be sure that you have a payment gateway already setup and linked to a bank account correctly. To test if this works, try placing orders a week or two before launch and be sure the payment has been received as intended.


FULFILLMENT: This is another critical process for any e-commerce stores that do not sell digital goods. Make sure to have a technique to rationalize your fulfillment process in the most possible way. Even if you are having just a small shop, see to it that you do not overlook this. Another thing, shipping time is also the customer’s basis whether they would have their next purchase in your store or not.


SEO AND MARKETING: Upon launching a new online business, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing should be totally consumed. Prior to launching, be sure to have created accounts for different social networking sites and brand them accordingly.


SUBMISSION OF A SITEMAP: One of the keys to getting your Shopify store established on search engines especially on Google. As Shopify automatically creates a map for all sites, find yours at yoursite.mushopify.com/sitemap.xml. Here, your products, blogs, and other content pages will be located and indexed by the search engines. While Shopify generates and updates automatically, they also make sure to submit it to Google.


DOMAIN SETUP: For your site to not be dead in water, a proper domain setup is required. This is important such that when you launch your site, the domain will map it to your new Shopify store correctly. It’s easy: just add a simple CNAME entry to position your www to their server. Add your domain and Shopify will take note of requests to that domain and connect them to your Shopify shop.


META TAGS: This is used by different search engines to show your pages in the search results. You may have seen them without even knowing them.  For Google searches, the title of the page that’s blue hyper-linked comes from the title tag of the page. Note keywords that bolded in the title as well as in the descriptions.

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