SEO Guide: Important Things You Need for a More Optimized Site

Search Engine Optimization is an essential ingredient of online marketing. In order to make your website and contents a successful one, all you need to know is what search engines are looking for. To understand better, below is a list of what your online work should contain.


1. Relevance – As one searches a certain word or topic, the search engine tries to find and provide the most relevant results to his or her queries may it be a simple or complicated answer. A search engine selects the results with its own internal algorithms which are definitely out of our control. However, there are certain factors that affect these results and are all based on how relevant they are.


2. Quality – Helpful, useful, and sensible articles and other contents are the most important when it comes to search engines optimization. Write for an actual human being rather than a search engine. Today, Google is moving towards interpreting one’s searches according to his or her intention instead of focusing on the keywords entered.


3. User experience – This is one of the things that should be considered in SEO. Your site should be easy to navigate, and is clearly searchable with significant internal linking and appropriate content. Keep it in a way that visitors would want to keep exploring further.


4. Cross-Device Compatibility – Because visitors do not have the same devices in surfing the internet, your site should be made to be compatible in any given screen size and type of device. Be aware of the “Responsive design”, Google’s chosen method of mobile optimization.


5. Site Speed – Visitors lose interest on websites that take too long to be opened. How fast your webpage loads is gradually becoming a search engine differentiator nowadays.


6. Authority – Authority websites are very valuable, as this is trusted by the users, by other websites, by the industry it operates in, and of course, by the search engine. It is seen to be a vote of confidence. The more links from an authority website you have, the higher quality of content you produce. Thus, your site will most likely become an authority, too.

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