Going Further, Going Farther with SEO

Going Further, Going Farther with SEO

We are still in focus with Search Engine Optimization. What are the things that should be considered in order to make our success in SEO?

Here are further guidelines to help you go farther in SEO.

Is your website mobile friendly?In order to keep up with the consistently changing, updating, and upgrading technology, search engines are constantly evolving by changing their algorithm. And with the increasing number of mobile devices these days, individuals that are searching on Google are also growing exponentially. As the mobile traffic increased, it is very much important to make your website mobile-friendly because it is now expected that most viewers will be viewing on their phones. Otherwise, you will have a lower position in the mobile search rankings.

How about paid rankings? You might be asking this question, which we will need to answer in advance. If your business has a revenue that is expendable, the wisest and best decision you’ll ever make with your money is achieving that number one spot on a search engine. A paid ranking advertisement is prioritized by Google as seriously as their organic searches. The cost per click pricing will depend on the relevance of your website to the search keywords. But know that there are specific keywords that are more expensive than others, so make sure to budget accordingly.

Lastly, remember that your SEO strategy should always be in a long-term process. If you want to be in the top results of Google searches, do not expect that it will happen overnight or else it will disappoint you. Keep in mind that SEO strategies need to be a continuous process. With the technology development comes the adaptation of search engines by altering algorithms, which determine how websites get ranked. Just be sure to stay on top of your SEO strategy and most of all, keep it up to date.

Clearing The Minds About Search Engine Optimization

Clearing The Minds About Search Engine Optimization

Because technology is now being used in business to reach a wider scope of audiences and potential customers, being in the world of social media optimization has seen to be important in widening your business. While this is now a trend, many are still confused with Search Engine Optimization or SEO. In this article, we are going to clear everything in your heads as we further discuss Social Media Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is basically the method or technique used to escalate a website’s position and rank on search engine results pages or SERPs on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the likes. If you want to get customer traffic to your website and grow your sales revenue, it is helpful to develop an SEO strategy for your business. To help you get started on having your first SEO strategy development, a little background on understanding search engines will follow. First off, an example of a search engine is Google. It uses metrics in order to rank organic search website placements.

The main objective of a search engine is to give fair results that would give information you are looking for in the quickest and most accurate way as possible. To do this, the search engines must have the ability to recognize all the important information online and rank them according to the quality of relevance. There are actually a lot of factors involved when search engines do the website ranking in an organic search. Yet, it is very amazing that they can do all the analysis and rankings in as fast as 0.5 seconds. Therefore, the actions you do in optimizing your website will have a definitely significant effect on your SEO rankings. H1 tags, words used in website meta description, keyword density, content, backlinks, and permalinks are just some of the components that you should consider if you want to boost your ranking.

Is SEO Relevant in Online Marketing?

Is SEO Relevant in Online Marketing?

Some people closed their mind set on Search Engine Optimization thinking it doesn’t really give that much impact onto their journey to the top of the search engines and or on their online marketing plans.

However, they tend to take for granted and forget that SEO and Online marketing goes hand in hand. Search Engine Optimization is part of online marketing and vice versa.

So, in what ways does SEO become an important part of online marketing?

Here we give you the different ways where we badly need the power of SEO to boost our online marketing.

1. Social Media

Social media is another way of doing SEO magic. It may be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Social media has a great effect on bringing more traffic to your website.

2. Search Engine Marketing

Organic SEO take so much time before reaping success. That is why many entrepreneurs will opt to use paid advertisements. This is done through PPC (pay per click) and or PPI (pay per impression) to advertise on different apps and or websites.

3. Building Online Presence

In building your online presence, SEO plays an important role too. You have to keep a good profile on different forums and or Q & A sites within your field of interest. This will help you get business and people recognize you and your business.

4. Using Directory Listings

Directory submissions are one way of SEO. If you are a local business and has just started, then you might want to register your business in directories so people could find you eventually get more customers and be known.

5. Market Sites Support

Having a website is great but it is just not enough to build your online presence. It would better if you also use market sites like eBay, Etsy, Amazon etc. to introduce your products in the market rather than just selling on your website.

6. Build Partnership

Building partnership online means you can work together with other businesses online within your group to help each other in promoting each other’s products and services. This will definitely give mutual benefits to you and your partner.

7. Marketing Through Email

Your email list is your gem in online marketing, so build your email list and get more people sign up for you and your business. Give them good reasons why they should stay on your list like giving them valuable information and or offers because these people will be your driving force to go up or go down.

8. Provide Relevant Contents

Another way of boosting your SEO strategy and your online marketing is through content marketing. Content marketing includes writing E-books, writing articles for submissions, guest blogging, posting comment etc. This strategy is also a great way for you to establish your profile online, get more people to notice you and eventually turn these people into clients.

Easy Tricks for Better Search Engine Optimization

Easy Tricks for Better Search Engine Optimization

The volume of traffic a website receive summarizes its success.  Sites that sell rely heavily on visitors. And those sites that have good results in search engines will get more visitors. In order to make this, you have to apply proper SEO techniques to your websites.

How can SEO lead you to boost your required ranking? Read on to learn about optimizing your site.

  • You should always be patient while working on boosting your website ranking. Bear in mind that you will not see any huge traffic overnight. It will take a while if your site is a brand new site. You need to build a good name, and it will take time.
  • Keep your site content entertaining and informative as this will drive the audience to your website too.  Little articles like this will help propel your search engine rankings.
  • Using product feed can contribute to reaching new customers. Feeds can contain details about your business such as prices and product descriptions. Submit your blog posts to shopping comparison websites and to the major search engines.
  • Always opt for a descriptive title tag to make sure that search engines can best understand the content of your page. Do not exceed 60 characters or more on making your title tags.
  • Consider article exchange service rather exchanging links. Article exchange means posting a full article done by the owner of another site. They will then be doing the same thing with the articles done by you. This idea is often useful rather that exchanging links. Another advantage is that both websites get new content.
  • Try entering the podcast arena. Podcasts are video or an audio program, or sometimes streamed live. They contain timely, and relevant information consumers would want to listen to or view. You will then provide descriptions connected to your podcast post. This is to make sure that search engine spiders can index them properly for ranking.
  • Use the longer forms of keywords to generate more hits on a search engine hits. Keyword stemming is used by a strategy that some search engines use. For example, choosing “bookkeeper” as one of your keywords means that people who type in “bookkeepers” or “bookkeeping” may not be directed to your website. If you are using a search engine that uses keyword stemming, then your site will be included in the searches that include the shorter form of the word as well.
  • If you simply provide the same information that visitors can find on many other websites, it is better to include material that stands apart from that offered by other websites. People who like what they read the first time they visit your site when you have something interesting and unique to offer.
  • Don’t place a bunch of links on a page. Blend them in with the content. Pages filled with only links tend to be ranked poorly by search engines don’t rank them highly.

To conclude,  the more relevant your website and its content to your targeted audience and reliable to search engine indexes the more conversions you are to expect. SEO can make a huge difference. By using the tips and tricks above, you can get the most from your search engine optimization strategies.

3 Ways to Boost Your Website on Google

3 Ways to Boost Your Website on Google

As a newbie to search engine optimization (SEO) you must know that there is no magical way to rank your site on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing. Complex algorithms administer search engines, and it takes a lot of effort and time to “encourage” them that your page or website deserves one of the top spots.

Here are the three ways to boost your website on Google:

1. Page Titles and Description

One of the important aspects of SEO is Page titles. Precise page titles for low volume keywords can offer you a competitive lead in search results. The most significant characteristics of a page title are: every page needs to have a genuine page title that precisely describes the page’s content; needs to be descriptive and brief and help the user to know and understand what the page is all about.

Also, a page’s description meta tag is very necessary. It provides Google, users, and other search engines a quick review of what the page is all about. Google may decide to use a part of your page’s content or might select to show what you type in the description as snippets for your page.

In other words, it does not mean what you write in the description will show in the snippet. The instructions for writing a good description are: prevent repeating the title in the description; don’t add too many keywords; always give a unique description for all post, pages, products of your website; try to use the description as a mean to “advertise” your page to the reader so that they will click on your title and visit the page, and maintain the size between 150-160 characters.

2. Permanent Link Structure 

The permanent link structure describes the format of URLS for individual or pages of a website. It is shown in the browser address bar and in the search result. Guidelines for optimized link structure are the following: use hyphens to separated the words that make up an Url; make URLs easy and simple to understand for users and engines; avoid lengthy URLs with irrelevant information and use words that describe what the page is all about but avoid keyword stuffing.

3. Breadcrumb

A breadcrumb is a set of links at the top of the page that aid navigation. Make sure that you have a breadcrumb in all your internal pages. If you are using WordPress, there are several free plug-ins to create a breadcrumb.