The Different Types of Virtual Assistants

Since the evolution of the internet, many have been offering secretarial services from home. This is known to be a Virtual Assistant. Today as the world progresses with technology, many tasks are being demanded to Virtual Assistants. And because we are undeniably not all-knowing, Virtual Assistants have fallen on different categories in accordance with the type of service they can offer. Here are some types of Virtual Assistants that can be classified according to the different specialty they belong:


Digital Marketing or Social Media

Generally, digital marketing covers a wide scope, but most VA’s narrow down to social media only. There are VA’s who implement your strategy and write their content or help you with your strategy and leave the content making to you. VA’s for digital marketing includes the task of doing content research, finding quotations, looking for engaging questions, making images, monitoring statistics, forwarding newsletters, and others.



VA’s for this field out stands in setting up emails, fixing technical errors, making website back up, and doing other technical stuff. Many are focusing on WordPress alone, but there are also those that make their way around anywhere in the internet and online marketing systems such as SimplyCast, OptimizePress, Infusionsoft, and much more.



Where the term Virtual Assistant originated, this is one of the most common types of VA’s we can find. These VA’s are tasked to manage all administrative duties and secretarial duties which cover organizing appointments, handle emails, format documents, organize travel including itineraries, update expenses, send invoices, and etc.



Virtual Assistants can also be Graphic Designers, one who creates eye-catching images for social media presentations with more branding depth. They utilize software that is designed for just a specific purpose, designing. Their finish products include flyers, brochures, magazines, layouts, and others.


Product Launch

There are Virtual Assistants who focus on online business that launches new products or programs. They also interpret sales funnels and do everything for a successful launch.


No matter the diversity of these Virtual Assistants is, they share one goal and that is to provide you with all-around and excellent service while utilizing team strength and best skills.

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