The Five Greatest Secrets of an Effective Package

One vital part of the marketing mix for consumer packaged goods is an effective package. Next to the product and the product experience, your package is an essential aspect of your product. As with how you start with anything, doing your package design should also start with the basics. Ever wondered how? Here are the points you should remember:


Insight is important

The strategic visual equities, architecture and positioning, consumer segments, distribution channels, integrity, and materiality are just some of the many things you should consider when doing a package design or a redesign program. And where do all these begin? Insight. By considering human emotions, beliefs, and behaviors between individuals and different groups of people, one can be able to generate good ideas both in terms of brand and value. Designing is a natural kind duty that it is most of the time done for someone else. Designers often think of what others would want and feel that they would design based on how they think others would want it. As human beings, we always share insights.


To interpret and understand, perception is the key

This is the second fundamental to a great design. Perception, as per dictionary, is a mental impression. It is believed to be the root of creativity, and learning how to see it is the beginning of creativity. According to science, perception and imagination are connected. The brain makes use of the same neural circuits for both, thus, allowing us to create whole perceptions out of the partial images we see.


Ideas are foundational

More than that “I have an idea” sentence starter, there could still be many more ways to express what’s on our minds. And for a business, ideas are the foundation of what we should do, and what output we should have.


The key to the human condition is a story

Stories play a significant part of almost everyone’s life: to record history, share information, to teach, remember, entertain, and all others. In creating a package design, come up with one that relays a new story. Because a design is believed to be a disciplined invention, it requires being original. And while most designers value originality, most people, however, hook their attention on familiar things.


Courage and creativity should always go together

This is neither a skill nor a capacity, but rather a virtue. History makes it true that newborn ideas and concepts are most of the time met with indifference, ridicule, or even unfriendliness. And these are often the reason why imagination is more important than image when it comes to creativity.

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