Tips on How to Make Your Product Package Effective

Most people believe that consumers purchase products according to the information they will get from the product. Well, in fact, an eye-tracking study showed that people read an average of only seven words in a whole shopping activity basing the products they’ll choose on colors, figures, and familiarity. If you are aiming to have successful products through packaging designs, here are some tips on how to make it to the top:

STAND OUT: develop a point of direction in such a way that the package catches the attention of the shopper at first glance and is able to relay its essence of proposition. One effective way of doing this is through cusps. These are sharp or pointy shapes that communicate feelings of caution, fear, and danger.

BE SIMPLE: Unbelievably, simple designs are more effective than those with elaborated and overly laid ones. For a visually disturbed type of market, visual calm is becoming rarer to find that we tend to gravitate towards it once we find it.

REMEMBER THE FIVE – YEAR – OLD TEST, PASS IT: So here’s the thing, if you can describe your product to a five-year-old kid, tell them to go to the store and find it, and actually find it, then congratulations because your product has just created and iconic connection! The secret to this is a unique brand mark than will keep customers looking for it week after week.

SET OFF EMOTIONAL ENGAGEMENT: The biggest impact of a brand to a customer is when it lets them feel something. Take the logic that when someone looks or stares at you, you are somehow compelled to look back, and that’s the nature of attraction. And that’s how the survival instinct works.

DO NOT FORGET THE ICONIC ASSETS: Every packaging must be able to create visual equities that can be transferred to all sorts of consumer communication. A perfect model for this is the Coca-Cola brand which has a range of assets such as its red shade, lively curves and waves, its iconic shape and bottle form, and the logo font. A brand with iconic assets makes the consumers remember it consume more of the product.

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