Top 3 SEO Techniques and Strategies to Succeed in 2018

The internet today is already crowded with a lot of people diving into SEO. With that, many might also not be able to stand out because of the competition that’s rising. To cope up with the day-to-day developing technology, we will help you with the top techniques and strategies that will definitely help you succeed in 2018.



Do not ever think that SEO is dead. It is not and it is evolving. With evolving comes change. Since day one, we were taught about using keywords and believe it or not, it is still effective these days. However, from the ordinary keyword search, it has also evolved as semantic searching and Google graph. This will allow Google to interpret searches regardless of how it is phrased, but most importantly, center around a topic, not a keyword.


You may be the type of website owner who makes it sure that a new article or content is always being published. Guess what, you may be missing something. Once an article is published online, many would tend to forget about it and move immediately to the next one when a new article comes on, forgetting that it might be a great article. Do a content audit, review the past ones you have published and look for pieces that can be revised, merged, or removed and then publish it again.


Secure a linkable asset – a content that effectively attracts backlinks from other websites. The development of a linkable asset is actually simple and straightforward. Just create a unique, attention-catching, and relevant content for your target audience. Once you have already done this, proceed to promotion. This basically comes in two different strategies: outreach and paid promotion. Outreach means reaching out to third parties that may have the kind of audiences that you are looking for and may consider your linkable asset useful. On the other hand, a paid promotion is done by paying a third party who has the audiences that you want to advertise your linkable asset.