Top Reasons Why Landing Pages Should Not be Taken For Granted

Before anything else, let us define a landing page. This is a web page that gives you the opportunity to catch a visitor’s information through a “lead capture form”, also known as a conversion form. It provides some additional information about the service or product offered, making those who are searching for that certain service or product easily find what they are looking for.


Landing pages are the core of inbound marketing. They are the heart and soul of a lead generation efforts but are ironically underused. Statistics have concluded that the main reason why landing pages are not often used by businesses is that either they lack knowledge on how to set them up or they are too overloaded.


Here are a few reasons why you definitely need a landing page:


Landing Pages generate leads. If there is one thing that you should be doing right now, that is to improve your lead generation efforts through the use of a landing page. Companies often send their social media, search traffic and emails to their homepages, and that’s one equivalent of throwing the leads away.


Landing Pages give your offers a place to live. Landing pages and marketing offers should be partners and should always go together. Without a landing page, your offers will have nothing to do to support your lead generation efforts.


Landing Pages collect statistical information about your prospects. For every completion of a conversion form on a landing page, the marketing sales team gets to collect important information about your leads. This will then help the marketing team interpret and analyze what type of visitors are converting, giving you a baseline of information before reaching out.


Landing Pages help you understand which prospects are more interested. Landing pages are not only limited in generating good leads, but also trace re-conversions of all existing leads. This will then help you find out which prospects are more interested and engaged in your business, thus making it easy for you to collect better intelligence on the behavior of your leads and activities on your website, allowing you to determine which sales process is the best to use.

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