Typography: An Essential Key in Content Marketing

One major way of generating leads, sales and profit for a company as well as retaining customers and attracting new clients is through content marketing. While it is true that the content itself is important, there is still one important aspect that we should not overlook: typography. Although this isn’t considered that much, it undoubtedly plays a significant role in strengthening and highlighting the central message of your content.


Typography, in the most basic concept, is the arrangement of texts in a document or a page. It can also be referred to as an art that can be creative and innovative. Typography also helps enhance the theme of the content as it adds personality, increase idea emphasis, imply emotion, reinforce a thought or craft aesthetic appeal.


While others may think typography is the simple font and color of how texts appear, it does not end only there. To give you a wider view of what this is all about, here are the elements of typography:

· Typeface: This refers to the name of the text style and is probably the most straightforward element of typography. Basic typefaces include Arial, Georgia, Calibri, etc.

· Font: This refers to the style that the letters are designed in. Times New Roman, Cambria, Arial, are included here. This is actually referring to both the type face and the specific style, with the typeface’s width and height. To make it clear, for example, Calibri is a typeface and Calibri, 12, Bold is a font.

· Tracking: This refers to the spaces between the characters, also known as letter spacing and is set at standard. But could, of course, be adjusted to affect text density.

· Kerning: This is almost the same to tracking just that this refers specifically to the space in between letters and characters.

· Line Length: From the name itself, this refers to the length of the text running from left to right, horizontally on the page.

· Leading: this refers to the measurement of the distance between a line of text and another line below it and directly above it.


Typography is important because it influences how your page reads. It can also have a positive impact when done correctly and makes a bad impression when done at a mess.

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