Ways to Keep Your Viewers on Your Website Longer

You wondered why you worked so hard but just a few than what you expected would stick to your website. You’ve always done the best for your website to gain a lot of visitors. Now you ask yourself why only few would stick to your website.

Here are some tips that you may consider to have the higher percentage of a visitors.

Make your website readable – Always make sure that you would consider readers with any ages. You will have a hard time to persuade your viewers to keep reading. To avoid that, cut some paragraphs. Make sure that the paragraph will not go beyond five to six sentences for readers will not be bored on reading.  Some ways to make your paragraph readable.


1. Use bullets when possible. Visitor’s attention may be caught for they would think that those are important details.

2. Bold or Italicize words and some phrases that need to be remembered.


Use simple words – It’s not a crime to use words for visitors can understand easily. Use words that can easily be understood and that readers would be able to comprehend. You don’t need to use difficult words to impress readers. They are always after the content and not the words you used.

Add related links – Another factor that could contribute would be adding significant and related links to your blogs. Links that would keep readers reading and might interest them.

Interact with the viewers – One way to keep them on the page is asking them to do little something. Try to ask them to leave some comments and suggestions at the end of your blog post.

These are the ways you may use to keep your website alive. I hope this would help you improve your sites and gain a higher percentage of viewers. Try it now, and we’ll visit your page soon!