Website Development: The Different Types of Web Developer

As web pages and websites vary from simple page text document to the more complicated e-commerce sites with thousands of products on sale, they can be a work of one person or a team of skilled people. As you go through your website development, you’ll come to the point where you’ll need to hire a website developer. But before that, you first need to know the different types of web developer and when and how you’ll need them.



This type of web developer is primarily centered on improving the look and feel of the whole website. He sets the colors, fonts, and structure of the page which includes the navigation menu, sidebar, header, and other content areas. He should be able to work on image editing through software such as Adobe Photoshop and provide a drawing to the programmer who would convert it into a code.



This is the type of web developer who converts the design into an actual code that manages a simple webpage. He or she can also program even the more complicated parts of the webpage such as the database and other online applications. For a simple page text, the code is relatively simple so it doesn’t take much programming knowledge for this. But if you are heading for a complicated e-commerce site, this now requires a professional programmer.



We all know that Adobe Flash is where developers make graphical, interactive, and animated pages with sound and movement. This can be a sequence of animation that plays upon the first visit of the website. A flash can be useful in an introductory page or in website navigation.



Because web content is what is contained and shown in the webpage’s main part, commonly a text, audio, video, or a combination, a content developer is what a website most importantly needs. He can be a writer or editor, an on-camera personality or a videographer. He can also be writing the content or recording the content, thus, having a video as an output. Though this can be done by the same person who does the other web development in small sites, this still requires a different skill set, so another expert will probably be needed to do this.

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